Our services also encompass production and completion analysis, measuring flow rate, fluid properties, composition, pressure and temperature, so you have an accurate picture of live well conditions at all times. Our precision data helps you understand what’s happening downhole, so you can confidently gauge the efficiency and productivity of your well.

hydrostatic testing

We utilize proven products and software from Jetstream and digital gauges from N Vision. In addition, we also have the capabilities to record using Barton Chart. Our scope of hydrostatics testing capabilities, monitoring and testing covers all drilling completion, production and facility operations:

Drilling Capabilities

  • Drilling rig BOP and related values
  • Casing
  • Choke manifold and lines
  • Kill/Mudlines
  • Iron testing and analysis
  • Casing tests
  • Top Drive/Kelly Valves

Completion Capabilities

  • Frac stack analysis
  • BOPs
  • Choke manifold and lines
  • Iron testing
  • Backside testing
  • Flowback manifolds
  • Frac trees
  • Frac valve/Master valve
  • Pop-offs valves
  • Sales lines
  • Sand traps
  • Hangers/plugs
  • Casing tests
  • Toe sleeve opening services
  • Drill out/workover rig BOP stack
  • Snubbing units BOPs

Production Capabilities

  • Production trees
  • Sales lines
  • Sand traps
  • ESDs
  • BOP examination
  • Frac stack analysis
  • Iron testing
  • Casing tests
  • Flowback iron analysis
  • Drilling rig BOP stack examination
  • Top Drive/Kelly Valves

Some of the equipment we use utilize:

  • 2019 – 15,000 PSI Triplex pump powered by a 325 HP John Deere Engine
  • 2018 – 15,000 PSI Triplex pump powered by a 125 HP John Deere Engine
  • 2017 – 15,000 PSI Triplex pump powered by a 125 HP John Deere Engine

These pumps are set to 15,000 PSI, but can be converted up to 40,000 PSI to handle all of your major projects! We also have gauges, 15k digital pressure, flow, and temperature recorders available for rental.


To maintain consistency and efficiency across your daily resource extraction operations, make sure you’re calling Wagner Energy Services LLC for data-backed hydrostatic analysis procedures. We’ll provide you with accurate pressure readings and can provide the flange management services required to correct any anomalies or inefficiencies you’re experiencing.

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hydrostatic testing equipment

What is the Purpose of Hydro Examination?

Wagner Energy Services LLC provides oil and gas operations with hydrostatic testing in Ohio, delivering verifiable data you can use to better manage your field operations.

Hydrostatic analysis is most often used when it’s necessary to insert a new piece of equipment in an oil or gas rig, or when a refurbished piece is being returned to service. It’s crucial to know whether or not the component being inserted into the system will be capable of withstanding the pressures of everyday requirements, without rupturing or exploding.

The Department of Transportation requires that this kind of analysis be conducted on all stainless steel canisters and on some pipes, for the purpose of discovering any potential leaks in the equipment. In a case where an outdated piece of equipment might be inserted back into a project, it must be determined whether or not the component is still capable of performing up to standards safely.

In this way, disasters can be avoided and safety can be insured for all those working on the project.