Safety is Always Our First Priority


The safe execution of oilfield services is paramount. At Wagner Energy Services LLC, we know there’s no substitute for safety, which is why we take pride in approaching every worksite with the foresight to always uphold the highest safety standards.

Our teams are well-equipped and backed by years of hands-on experience, following proven checklists and guidelines to ensure safety regardless of the service we’re delivering.

Take a look at all of the ways we ensure the utmost safety for the entire duration of the job:

  • ISNetworld

    ISNetworld compliance

    We are members of ISNetworld and always remain in full compliance with standards and practices. Our team handles the account in-house, to ensure we’re up-to-date with all policies and cognizant of any new developments or changes.

  • certif


    Our business is fully insured, including a 10M excess policy, to ensure our workers and clients all have peace of mind in doing business with us.

  • DOT

    DOT safety

    Our team follows all U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) laws and limits in order to ensure the roads are kept safe. Count on us to employ only skilled personnel who are well-trained and experienced stewards on the road.

  • PPE

    Strict enforcement of PPE

    We strictly enforce the use of all personal protective equipment (PPE) and mandate that all of our workers are outfitted with the very best in proven gear at all times.

  • SafeLand

    SafeLand/PEC core safety training

    All members of our team carry their SafeLand/PEC card with them at all times. We’re proud to adhere to and uphold the quality standards set forth by SafeLand/PEC.

  • on-site audits

    Daily safety meetings &
    on-site audits

    Our team completes daily safety meetings, as well as internal safety audits following rigorous checklists. Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) are continually revised to strive for excellence.


Safety is our first and biggest concern, followed by ensuring a job well done for each and every client we serve.

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