Equipment Rental

When you’re working at an oil or gas site, you simply must be able to rely on the equipment you use to get the job done. Renting your tools from Wagner Energy Services will therefore be your best bet, because only the finest equipment and tools are made available, and that will give you peace of mind that equipment failure will not plague your operations.

Contact us at Wagner Energy Services when you have need of any of the fine tools and equipment described below. We offer our oilfield equipment rentals throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia.

Miscellaneous Tools

Hydraulic flange spreaders are valuable tools to have when you need to flange something safely without hammering it. They’re available for flanges between 2 inches and 36 inches in width, and use a pump kit for easy separation. Striking wrenches and slugging wrenches are fitted with reinforced box walls so they will be sure to stay in place on a fastener, while the wrench is being hit by a hammer. Striking wrenches have a durable square handle which can accept sledgehammer blows to tighten large flange fittings. Slugging wrenches have more of a flat handle which can be struck by a hammer so as to loosen rusty nuts or bolts. Pry bars will deliver the leverage required to lift any large load safely onto a dolly, and they are often used in tandem to lift both ends of the load, so as to allow for a dolly to be slid underneath.